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Free live pc backgrounds for desktops and laptops are a great way to make your existing static wallpaper more interesting. Unlike regular images, free live wallpapers for pc come in GIF or MP4 format to display a looping animation or a real video as your mobile device or desktop/laptop background. Live desktop backgrounds are also fun to customize with if you use wallpaper engine or lively wallpaper to host living wallpapers. By using epic desktop backgrounds from Live Wallpaper World, you'll have access to 100s of free live wallpapers which can be downloaded straight to your device.
If you own an Android or IOS device, you should download the Live Wallpaper World app to host live wallpapers for free. This live wallpaper mac free application will allow you to set any live wallpaper as your background without consuming too much CPU usage and battery power.


Live Wallpaper World is the #1 source of all FREE dynamic/animated desktop backgrounds! Each wallpaper is available for HD download and can be applied to your PC/Mac using any software such as Lively Wallpaper or Wallpaper Engine.

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