Live Cool Car Wallpapers

Live Wallpaper World is the #1 source of all JDM, Euro, Exotic & Muscle car live wallpapers and PC/Mac backgrounds! Each lively wallpaper car series is available for HD or UHD download and can be applied to your desktop background using any live wallpaper software.

Animated Car Wallpapers AKA live car wallpapers

These car wallpapers live are perfect for adding a dynamic twist to your mobile device or pc/mac background.
This collection of sports car, exotic, JDM and widebody car wallpaper sets are made by experienced artists and can be downloaded in different resolutions based on your screen size. For smaller screens, 1080p is recommended, however if you have a widescreen monitor, you should consider 4K. Running 60fps wallpapers is an added bonus if your computer can handle it

neon cool car wallpapers for Desktop Computers | automotive backgrounds

These neon cool car images for desktop computers are perfect for those who love cars. They're also great for those who like to show off their favorite vehicles on their computer screens. Neon Cool Car Wallpaper is a collection of high quality car wallpaper that will add style to any desktop computer screen. The images are free to download and use, and there are many different types of cars available. If you choose to use one of these neon cool car images for your desktop computer, make sure that the image has a resolution of at least 720 x 1280 pixels. This will ensure that the image looks crisp and clear when displayed on your monitor. There are plenty of themes available for free online. You can find them by browsing other collections on our website. Once you've found one you like, download it and save it to your computer. Then, right click the file in your folder and set it as your desktop background.


Live Wallpaper World is the #1 source of all FREE dynamic/animated desktop backgrounds! Each wallpaper is available for HD download and can be applied to your PC/Mac using any software such as Lively Wallpaper or Wallpaper Engine.

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