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  • FREE Live Nature Wallpapers

    Live Nature Wallpapers Nature wallpapers range from 1080p to 4K HD Resolution! Each wallpaper is live (MP4) and available for HD or UHD download and can be applied to your desktop background using any live wallpaper software. Load More Download HD Nature Wallpapers If you love nature then you should definitely consider running a nature themed live wallpaper for your devices.

  • FREE Live Abstract Wallpapers

    Abstract Wallpapers Live Wallpaper World is the #1 source of all abstract themed live wallpapers! Each wallpaper is available for HD or UHD download and can be applied to your desktop background using any live wallpaper software. Load More

  • FREE Live Anime Wallpapers

    Anime Live Wallpaper Collection Looking for an aesthetic anime wallpaper? Browse animated/live anime backgrounds for MacBook, PC, dual monitors and anything in-between! Load More Download HD Anime Wallpapers These free anime wallpapers look great on desktop and laptop computers. If you would like to run these on your mobile device, then you'll need to download our free live wallpaper app. You can download plenty of sexy live anime wallpapers from Live Wallpaper World. They're available in various sizes and resolutions to suit any monitor size. If you're an anime fan, then you will definitely love these live anime wallpapers for PC & Mac. They are available in various sizes and resolutions so you can choose one that suits your computer screen. You can also download them to use for personal projects such as YouTube videos or slideshow backgrounds.

  • FREE Live Automotive Wallpapers

    Live Cool Car Wallpapers Live Wallpaper World is the #1 source of all JDM, Euro, Exotic & Muscle car live wallpapers and PC/Mac backgrounds! Each wallpaper is available for HD or UHD download and can be applied to your desktop background using any live wallpaper software. Load More Animated Car Wallpapers These live HD car wallpapers are perfect for adding a dynamic twist to your mobile device or pc/mac background. These sports car , exotic and JDM wallpapers features are made by experienced artists and can be downloaded in different resolutions based on your screen size. For smaller screens, 1080p is recommended, however if you have a widescreen monitor, you should consider 4K. Running 60fps wallpapers is an added bonus if your computer can handle it If you're a true car enthusiast, then you will love these beautiful sports car wallpapers. They feature some of the most popular high performance vehicles such as the Nissan R35 GTR, Mazda RX7, Lexus LC500, BMW M4, Lamborghini Huracan and more.

  • FREE Live Cyberpunk Wallpapers

    Live Cyberpunk Wallpaper Collection Looking for 4K cyberpunk 2077 backgrounds? Browse free cyberpunk online live wallpapers. We have cyberpunk cars, girls, katana, game and font inspired themes. Cyberpunk phone wallpapers will also be available soon. Load More 4k Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpaper These futuristic cyberpunk live wallpapers will look amazing on your mobile devices and desktops/laptops. Download them for free now! The cyberpunk 2077 live wallpaper collection includes dystopian wallpapers that look like they were made in the year 2077. They have a very dark theme with subtle hints of neon lights and purple, blue, pink and red colours. These live cyberpunk wallpapers are perfect for those who love the idea of living in a world where technology has taken over. If you're looking for something more realistic, try out these other cool wallpapers instead! They are usually dark and gritty with neon lights and cybernetic enhancements.

  • FREE Live Desktop Backgrounds | Live Wallpaper World

    Aesthetic live wallpapers for Mac & PC Download hd Moving wallpapers for free! Popular Live Backgrounds Browse All Designs Browse Aesthetic Live Wallpaper Live wallpapers are a great way to make your existing static wallpaper more interesting. Unlike regular images, live wallpapers come in GIF or MP4 format to display a looping animation or a real video as your mobile device or desktop/laptop background. Live wallpapers are also fun to customize with if you use wallpaper engine or lively wallpaper to host them. By using Live Wallpaper World, you'll have access to 100s of free live wallpapers which can be downloaded straight to your device. ​ If you own an Android or IOS device, you should download the Live Wallpaper World app to host live wallpapers for free. This application will allow you to set any live wallpaper as your background without consuming too much CPU usage and battery power.

  • Live Vaporwave Wallpapers + FREE Download

    Live Vaporwave Wallpaper Collection Live wallpapers + vaporwave aesthetics. This collection includes live wallpapers that implement the vaporwave colour palette, theme and vaporwave font/text. Load More Download R etro Wallpapers For Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Devices These animated vaporwave background MP4s will spice up your gaming/work setup. Vaporwave is an artistic theme that originated in Japan during the early 2010s. The vaporwave aesthetic combines elements from electronic music, computer games, 90s themes and Japanese culture. Vaporwave is commonly reffered to as "retro futurism" because it incorporates elements from the 80s to 90s as well as the future into its themes. VFX artists who create the wallpapers use vintage video effects, retro video game elements, and other nostalgic features to evoke feelings of nostalgia and joy. These vaporwave desktop wallpapers feature a vaporwave themed vibe with a variety of visual different elements. You can use these wallpaper on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Download Live Wallpapers | Dynamic Desktop Backgrounds

    Download HD Live Wallpapers Browse 100s of HD live wallpapers & animated background GIFs/MP4s. If you're looking for an aesthetic computer wallpaper, then you've come to the right place! Load More HD Wallpapers For Desktop/Laptop & Mobile Devices Live Wallpaper World has been made to provide you with the best experience when browsing through our collection of free backgrounds. You can download free desktop wallpaper MP4s and Gifs from our website. We have over 100 categories of moving wallpapers available so there will always be something for everyone. How to download live wallpaper? Click on the thumbnail of the live wallpaper you want to download, you will be taken to another page where you can select whether you want the wallpaper on Pc/Mac or on a mobile device. You can also read more information about the wallpaper in the description section located below the preview. After downloading the live wallpaper file, you can set it as your background by using third party applications such as wallpaper engine and lively wallpaper.

  • Upcoming NFT Collections | Live Wallpaper NFT Gallery

    NFT Live Wallpapers Browse this gallery of looping motion/video NFTs to set as your desktop background! We only feature the best upcoming NFT crypto projects. Buy them before they blow up and make profit by re-selling them! Cybercities NFT A collection of 100 looping sci-fi cityscape live wallpapers! More Coming Soon!

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